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Magnesium Chips manufacturers
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Hennan,china
Product Name: Magnesium Chips for chemical industry
Stock No: NS6130-12-000028
CAS: 7439-95-4
Size: We can customize
Appearance: Shiny Grey Powder

Processing of magnesium
Our mainly mechanical methods and machines for grinding and sieving meet modern state of the art technologies. Of course we are also offering tailor-made processing in accordance with your individual requirements or mutually agreed values. These services will depend on the intended application process which might necessitate a passivation or other processing.

Magnesium products and their applications
The portfolio of the growing number of our customers and clients reflects the range of industrial usage of magnesium products. The chemical industry uses mainly magnesium chips for the manufacture of plant protecting agents and pharmaceuticals. Other applications can be found in pyrotechnics, military or in general for welding and brazing processes. Ultra-fine Magnesium alloys are used in various components and alloys in lightweight construction and also in refractory. We daily see hundreds of new products in the market.
Magnesium is a raw material of the future
Whenever we are talking about higher operating distances, higher payloads or reduction of energy consumption, magnesium will always have a key position.
This also includes medical engineering in the production of prostheses, wheel chairs or crutches. But magnesium is also indispensable for the production of any electronic compounds like smartphones. Magnesium has the ability to soften vibrations and is also able to shield electromagnetic radiation to a certain extent.
Furthermore Magnesium has a good heat conductance which is important for the manufacture of machines and engines. For a lot of applications the fact that magnesium as a biocompatible material does not have any incompatible characteristics is also decisive. Magnesium has a considerably higher melting point than aluminium which awards Magnesium with a favourable heat resistance.
Magnesium Chips manufacturers

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